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Giorgio Rossetti was born in Venice in 1972, the son of a master glassmaker with 50 years of experience. Already at a very young age he began to follow the expert advice of his father by learning the most varied techniques, from the processing of submerged in gold and platinum leaf to the blowing of glass. After fifteen years of hard work in 1995 he founded Vetri D'Arte with Anna Caverzan, now the wife of the master, a designer with strong skills. Vetri D'arte has participated in numerous national and European trade fairs, continually offering new works, the result of continuous research, which associated with the passion of this millennial art make Vetri D'arte the honor of true Made in Italy. The works of the master Rossetti are already present on the international market thanks to the magnificent projects of the designer Anna, who is also strongly committed to continually designing unique and high quality jewels in the most particular forms: from baroque, to contemporary, to abstract art. In the small Atelier in Burano you can perceive any artistic inspiration: glass becomes magic. Colors and colors of these works make it unique in the world.
Our creations
Our range of jewels is constantly evolving with over 200 series of different types, i metals assembled to the glass are exclusively of high quality 24 kr, Rhodium and gold Rhodium bronze. All our production is protected by copyright; moreover it is also possible make personalized jewelry
The sculptures certainly represent the maximum artistic expression of the master Giorgio Rossetti, where through these works any sensitivity or emotion can be perceived that the artist is currently experiencing.
Furniture items
To conquer any type of market while achieving the highest quality, we create one wide range of furnishings offering small works such as blown clowns Blown animals in 24 kr gold, aquariums, cafes pebbles, angels and many Christmas decorations.
The vases are true works, the techniques tell an artistic journey from the 1940s to today, associated with a modern design. Techniques such as submerged incalmo, filigree and puffing in a set of polychromes in complete abstractionism, distinguish these works for their uniqueness and beauty.
The peculiarity that makes the glass light and refined is the extreme perfection on the blowing of the glass in fusion with the 24 kr gold leaf and the ladder technique. We make glasses of different sizes and shapes, with the most varied techniques
Our Designer
Anna Caverzan
Anna Caverzan was born in 1974 in Venice. Since adolescence he has been passionate about art in all its many facets.
It is formed, through private studies, as a designer and later decides to deepen the complex processing techniques of Murano glass and those of various fine fabrics (silk, cashmere and merino wool), skillfully intertwined to form rare stoles beauty and priceless value.
Today it shares with the master Rossetti passion and ability for the processing of Murano glass handed down from father to son, managing to design unique works for color and shapes, taking up motifs and styles from every historical period of art: from baroque, to Gothic, to contemporary art. Every single work is therefore current, original, unique.
We are specialized in working with 24 kr gold leaf or 925 silver leaf incalmi to also create sculptures, lighting objects and furnishing objects. Through the blowing of the glass we create glasses, cafes, vases, bowls, jewels (necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings). Often these creations are subsequently worked with grinding wheels or in excavation with diamond tips to create shapes with a unique design. All works are hot stamped with our initials and serial number to guarantee the customer the highest quality of Made in Italy.
Bicchieri soffiati lavorazione ad incalmo con avventurina e foglia oro 24 kr
Animali soffiati in foglia oro 24 kr 20 modelli disponibili
Clown soffiati in pastelli colorati
Zuccheriere o porta essenze soffiate in mosaico e foglia oro 24 kr
Tazzine da caffè in foglia oro 24 kr
Ciottole soffiate in pastelli colorati murrina e foglia oro 24 kr
Ciottole soffiate in mosaico e foglia oro 24 kr
Bicchieri soffiati in cristallo murrina e foglia oro 24 kr
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GRAZIE GIORGIO!!!La tua arte è vita!!!
La perfezione del soffiare il vetro. Il maestro mostra la sua arte personalmente.
Un posto magico fatto di professionalità e maestria .
P.IVA: 03035210271
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30142 BURANO (VE)
Tel: 0415272273
Cell: 3899753428
Email: grmuranoglass@yahoo.it

30142 BURANO (VE)
Tel: 0415272273
Cell: 3899753428